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We're an NDIS registered provider in Redlands Bay helping people with a disability to gain independence, engage with their community, and enjoy life. NDIS Disability Services, Nursing Services, Support Coordination, Home Modifications.

NDIS Disability Support Services

At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we provide a range of disability services in Redlands Bay. We aim to make a difference in the lives of those with disability.  

Group_ Centre Activities

Group / Centre Activities

We know how vital it is to build a community where all are accepted, where people are free to relax and let their guard down, and where they are also challenged to make the most of their life.

Participate Community

Participate Community

Helping you participate in your community on the same level as everyone else. The goal of the Participate Community programme is to help people with disabilities take part in their communities and social life.

Household Tasks

Household Tasks

NDIS household activities include cleaning, house maintenance, organising, moving items, assisting you about the house, and more to keep your home clean, healthy, and joyful. We know a clean house improves our health, but a disabled person may struggle to maintain one.

NDIS Provider Redlands Bay Assist Travel Transport

Assist Travel / Transport

When a disability participant makes it difficult or impossible for them to utilise public transportation, the NDIS may provide financial support to help them go from place to place.

Development Life Skills

Development Life Skills

Develop skills to make it easier for you to live as independently as possible. Together, we’ll figure out what you need and come up with a plan that meets all of your needs in different areas.

Assist Personal Activities

Assist Personal Activities

Our objective is to give the required help so that you may lead your own life. To accomplish this objective, we will personalise your care to your unique requirements in order to give you with as much everyday autonomy as possible.

Assist Life Stage Transition

Assist Life Stage Transition

Short-term and long-term transition support. Support link, coordination, aid with housing and tenancy, etc. Elka Healthcare Services Australia aids life transitions. We help people starting or changing schools, moving home or into supported accommodation, and getting out more.

NDIS Provider Redlands Bay Home Modifications

Home Modifications

Electrical and Air Conditioning Contractors

We help people find the right home modifications. You may change your home to let you travel freely and access all places.

NDIS Provider Redlands Bay Accommodation Tenancy

Accommodation / Tenancy

We help participants in finding a safe and pleasant place to call home. We provide NDIS homes in Redlands Bay, Queensland. Contact us for NDIS accommodations for people with disabilities.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Most people who use the NDIS do so in a shared living situation. Having someone you can share your life with is thrilling and fulfilling, but it also comes with its fair share of difficulties.

NDIS Provider Redlands Bay Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Elka Healthcare Services Australia’s specialists offer individualised care to address mental health difficulties, provide access to appropriate treatment and therapy alternatives, and promote full participation in all parts of life.

Community Nursing

Community Nursing

The community nursing care that is provided satisfies both your medical and personal needs, allowing you to live an independent and healthy life.

Elka Healthcare Services Australia

How to Find the Best NDIS Provider in Redlands Bay

Many NDIS participants are already getting the help and support they need from the NDIS. However, it is important to remember that choosing the first NDIS provider you find does not guarantee the success of your NDIS Plan.

Because the people who use the NDIS are all different and have different needs and life goals because of their disabilities, no NDIS provider can give every client the same level of care and support. The goals of the NDIS plan can only be reached if the NDIS provider and the NDIS participant work well together.

NDIS participants will have the freedom to select their prefered NDIS provider Redlands Bay during the development of their NDIS plan, but they are not required to do so.

NDIS participants who require assistance will be assigned an NDIS Plan Manager who will guide and occasionally act as their partner throughout the development of their NDIS Plan. 

The NDIS website also has a wealth of resources available to NDIS participants, such as the NDIS Providers Directory, which includes downloadable files of NDIS Providers Redlands Bay grouped by area.

Here are some simple tips to help you choose the best NDIS Provider for you:

  • Consult the Local Area Coordinator in Redlands Bay.
  • Conduct as much research as you can on the NDIS provider.
  • Make sure that your potential NDIS provider understands your NDIS Plan.

About Our Company

Registered NDIS Provider Services in Redlands Bay

Elka Healthcare Services Australia is an NDIS provider in Redlands Bay offering a range of NDIS services to participants across Queensland. The National Disability Insurance Scheme was established by the Australian government to provide people with disabilities the chance to receive equal opportunities in life. 

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At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we do what we say we will do, we are open and honest when communicating.


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, our practices are made to build capacity and empower choice and opportunity.


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we respects the right of each participant to have control over their support planning.

Supporting the wellbeing of people with disabilities

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Mission Statement

Providing a reliable service that suit our client’s needs, and promotes independence helping our clients live a better lifestyle as their wellbeing is our main priority.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a community where all individuals have the ability to experience a life where they have meaningful participation and contribution to society.

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