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What we offer

We provide a variety of disability services in Logan City at Elka Healthcare Services Australia. We want to make a difference in the lives of those who are disabled.

Participate Community

Group / Centre Activities

One of the goals of Elka Healthcare Services Australia is to foster an atmosphere that helps people engage with others while they work to improve their own capabilities. There is something for everyone in our number of programs and events.

Participate Community

Participate Community

Our Participate Community Program helps NDIS users learn community participation skills. Elka Healthcare Services Australia encourages disabled persons to accomplish their objectives via skills-based learning, recreation, and social activities in the community.

Household Tasks 3

Household Tasks

We offer house cleaning services that are tailored to the care recipient’s cultural preferences and are designed to assist the care recipient’s level of physical functioning. In addition, services like as washing and ironing, gardening, critical house maintenance, and adaptations to the home that are connected to the care requirements of persons are offered.

Assist Travel Transport 3

Assist Travel / Transport

Helping NDIS participants with travel and transportation costs so they may complete their plans successfully. Elka Healthcare Services Australia is able to provide transportation services for you in the event that you have an appointment, are participating in a meeting, or just want to hang out with your friends.

Development Life Skills

Development Life Skills

Your capacity to live as independently as feasible should be increased through the activities you develop. We will evaluate your requirements in tandem with you and devise a strategy that takes into account each and every distinct area in which we can facilitate your transition to a life of greater autonomy.

Assist Personal Activities

Assist Personal Activities

The goal of the assist personal activities program is to simplify and improve the quality of your life. The skilled members of our team are compassionate people who are able to provide support with day-to-day tasks and can do so for you.

Assist Life Stage Transition

Assist Life Stage Transition

We are assisting individuals through the various stages and transitions that occur throughout their lives. This includes enhancing a participant’s ability to coordinate their own support and get assistance with employment or in the process of transitioning between educational institutions.

Home Modifications 3

Home Modifications

Electrical and Air Conditioning Contractors

We aim to help people to access the Home Modifications that they desire and suit their needs. To increase access and safety, house modifications modify the construction, layout, and/or fittings. 

Accommodation _ Tenancy

Accommodation / Tenancy

We help participants in finding a safe and pleasant place to live. We have NDIS homes available in Logan City, Queensland. Please contact us if you require NDIS disability accommodation.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) solutions are intended for those who require long-term assistance at home and have significant support requirements. It includes mental health, nursing services, support with personal care, cleaning, cooking, medicine, or medical visits.

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Elka Healthcare Services Australia offers psychosocial coaching to help their clients build up their talents and narrow in on their goals. A recovery coach’s job is to aid those whose mental health has impaired their ability to lead a full and satisfying life.

Community Nursing 3

Community Nursing

Participants and their families get in-home care from community nursing services to help avoid sickness, address existing problems, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Elka Healthcare Services Australia

Find the Leading NDIS Provider in Logan City

Tens of thousands of NDIS participants are already getting help and support from the NDIS, so it may be easy to forget that choosing the first NDIS provider available does not guarantee that one’s NDIS Plan will be successful.

Because of the diversity of NDIS participants, each with their own set of needs and goals in life as a result of their disabilities, no NDIS provider can provide the same level of care and support to every client. It all comes down to the compatibility of the NDIS provider and the NDIS participant in order for the NDIS plan’s goals to be met.

During the development of their NDIS plan, NDIS participants will have the freedom to select their prefered NDIS provider Logan City, but they are not required to do so. 

NDIS participants who require assistance will be assigned an NDIS Plan Manager who will guide and sometimes act as a partner in the development of their NDIS Plan. 

The NDIS website also has a wealth of resources available to NDIS participants, such as the NDIS Providers Directory, which includes downloadable files of NDIS Providers Logan City organised by area.

Here are some simple tips to help you choose the best NDIS Provider for you:

  • Consult the Local Area Coordinator in Logan City.
  • Conduct as much research as you can on the NDIS provider.
  • Make sure that your potential NDIS provider understands your NDIS Plan.

About Our Company

NDIS Provider Services in Logan City

Elka Healthcare Services Australia is an NDIS provider in Logan City, offering a range of NDIS services to participants in Queensland. We have an excellent staff of care professionals that are committed, empathetic, and possess the knowledge, abilities, and upbeat attitude necessary to assist you in maintaining your independence while being secure in the comfort of your own home.

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At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we do what we say we will do, we are open and honest when communicating.


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, our practices are made to build capacity and empower choice and opportunity.


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we respects the right of each participant to have control over their support planning.

Supporting the wellbeing of people with disabilities

Elka Healthcare

Mission Statement

Providing a reliable service that suit our client’s needs, and promotes independence helping our clients live a better lifestyle as their wellbeing is our main priority.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a community where all individuals have the ability to experience a life where they have meaningful participation and contribution to society.

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