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Our experienced support workers provide NDIS Disability Services, Nursing Services, Support Coordination, Home Modifications for NDIS participants

Brisbane NDIS Disability Support Services

At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we provide a range of disability services in Brisbane Eastern Suburbs. Our goal is to make changes to the lives of people with disabilities.

Group _ Centre Activities

Group / Centre Activities

Supporting and encouraging people to take part in community, social, and recreational activities as part of a group is the primary objective of NDIS Group and Centre Based Activities. The goal is to create a lively and welcoming environment where individuals of all backgrounds and interests can mingle and have a good time together.

Participate Community

Participate Community

We are experts in helping persons with disabilities, and we think that anything is possible for them. Below are some of our most well-liked pastimes, but if you’d rather pursue an interest on your own, we’re happy to help you discover the right fit. Regardless of what it is you want to accomplish, we will be here to help you along the way.

Household Tasks 2

Household Tasks

Providing you with assistance with the routine chores so that you are able to live on your own. Mopping, dusting, and vacuuming, doing laundry and putting it up to dry, going food shopping, cooking meals, and so on.

Assist Travel _ Transport

Assist Travel / Transport

Providing Travel and Transport Assistance for NDIS  participants to achieve your plan.  If you need to go to an appointment, meeting or want to hang out with your friends, Elka Healthcare Services Australia can provide the transportation services for you.

Development Life Skills

Development Life Skills

Development activities to increase your ability to live as autonomously as possible. We will work alongside you to assess your needs and come up with a plan that addresses any and all specific areas where we can help you live more independently.

Assist Personal Activities

Assist Personal Activities

We are here to assist you in being more self-sufficient and, most importantly, confident in yourself. Both children and adults are welcome to participate in our programme. The skilled members of our team are compassionate people who are able to provide support to you with day-to-day chores.

Assist Life Stage Transition

Assist Life Stage Transition

Assistance with both the short-term and the long-term alterations in a person’s life. This category include tasks such as assisting individuals with locating and keeping housing or tenancy, establishing connections with other services, and other endeavours of a like kind.

Home Modifications

Home Modifications

Electrical and Air Conditioning Contractors

A very skilled supplier of home modification services is Elka Healthcare Services Australia. Our goal is to help individuals maintain a safe, independent lifestyle in their own homes.

Accommodation _ Tenancy

Accommodation / Tenancy

We support participants in locating a cosy and safe place to call home. In Queensland’s Brisbane Eastern Suburbs, we have NDIS homes accessible. For NDIS disability accommodations, please contact us.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Customers are able to live independently because to the wide range of services that we provide. There is the option of staying in either Short Term Accommodation (STA) or Medium Term Accommodation.

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

When it comes to NDIS providers, Elka Healthcare Services Australia is your only option for mental health care. If you’re living in Brisbane and are struggling with mental health concerns, we can connect you with a qualified NDIS psychologist or counsellor who specialises in working with people who use the NDIS.

Community Nursing

Community Nursing

Participants in Community Nursing Care are those who have complicated individual support needs that can be served most effectively by someone who has medical knowledge and expertise. This is done in order to satisfy the participant’s complex health care requirements.

Elka Healthcare Services Australia

Find NDIS disability support in Brisbane Eastern Suburbs

With a large number of NDIS participants having received much-needed assistance and support from the NDIS, it may be overlooked that simply selecting the first NDIS provider available does not guarantee the success of one’s NDIS Plan. 

No NDIS provider can provide the same level of care and support to every client because of the diversity of NDIS participants and their diverse needs and life goals as a result of their disabilities. In order for the NDIS plan’s goals to be met, the NDIS provider and the NDIS participant must be compatible. 

NDIS Participants will have the option to choose their preferred NDIS provider Brisbane Eastern Suburbs during the development of their NDIS plan, but they will not be required to do so. 

NDIS Participants who require assistance will be assigned an NDIS Plan Manager who will guide and occasionally act as their partner throughout the development of their NDIS Plan.

NDIS participants can also access a wealth of resources on the NDIS website, such as the NDIS Providers Directory, which includes downloadable files of NDIS Providers Brisbane Eastern Suburbs grouped by area.

  • Consult the Local Area Coordinator in Brisbane Eastern Suburbs.
  • Conduct as much research as you can on the NDIS provider.
  • Make sure that your potential NDIS provider understands your NDIS Plan.

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Elka Healthcare Services Australia is an NDIS provider in Brisbane Eastern Suburbs offering a range of NDIS services to participants across Queensland. The National Disability Insurance Scheme was created by the Australian government to give people with disabilities the opportunity to have equal opportunities in life.

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At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we do what we say we will do, we are open and honest when communicating.


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, our practices are made to build capacity and empower choice and opportunity.


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we respects the right of each participant to have control over their support planning.

Supporting the wellbeing of people with disabilities

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Providing a reliable service that suit our client’s needs, and promotes independence helping our clients live a better lifestyle as their wellbeing is our main priority.

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Our vision is to build a community where all individuals have the ability to experience a life where they have meaningful participation and contribution to society.

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