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NDIS Disability Support Services

Elka Healthcare Services Australia is a Registered NDIS Disability Care Provider in Brisbane. Our qualified and experienced support worker provide loving NDIS Support Assistance throughout Brisbane, aided by a team of dedicated Care Coordinators and Care Managers. The range of disability assistance we offer includes:

Group / Centre Activities

Group / Centre Activities

Groups and Centre-based Activities and  to promote socialisation. These Activities are facilitated by social worker and have self-directed skill-building activities.

NDIS Participate Community Brisbane, Queensland

Participate Community

Helping you with effective participation in community on an equal basis with others. Participate Community program is here to enable social and community participation for people who live with disabilities.

Household Tasks

Household Tasks

Providing domestic assistance with household tasks to allow you to live independently. If you are a participant and have been approved for the support category ‘Core Support,’ you can use your NDIS plan to access supports for this service.

Assist Travel & Transport Brisbane

Assist Travel / Transport

Providing Travel and Transport Assistance for participants to achieve your plan. If you need to go to an appointment, meeting or want to hang out with your friends, Elka Healthcare Services Australia can provide the transportation services for you.

NDIS Development Life Skills Brisbane

Development Life Skills

Development activities to increase your ability to live as autonomously as possible. We will work alongside you to assess your needs and come up with a plan that addresses any and all specific areas where we can help you live more independently.

NDIS Assist Personal Activities Brisbane

Assist Personal Activities

We are here to help you gain independence and most importantly, confidence. Our program can be for children and adults. Our support workers are caring individuals who can give you assistance with day to day activities.

NDIS Assist Life Stage Transition Brisbane

Assist Life Stage Transition

Assistance with life phases and transitions both short and long-term. It includes support connection, coordination of supports, assistance with accommodation and tenancy, and so on

NDIS Home Modifications Brisbane

Home Modifications

Electrical and Air Conditioning Contractors

We aim to help people to access the Home Modifications that they desire and suit their needs.

Accommodation and Tenancy Brisbane

Accommodation / Tenancy

We assist participants to find a comfortable and secure home to call their own. We have available NDIS housing across Brisbane, Qld. Contact us for NDIS disability accommodation. 

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Providing a variety of services that are designed to help our clients live more independently. Short Term Accommodation (STA) and Medium Term Accommodation are available

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Elka Healthcare Services Australia provides participants with mental health care support services. Book an appointment today. We are well equipped to help patients with Mental Illness manage their symptoms and function optimally from day to day.

NDIS Community Nursing Brisbane

Community Nursing

Community nursing services provide in-home care to participants and their families in order to help prevent illness, treat existing conditions, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

DVA Community Nursing and Personal Care 1

DVA Community Nursing and Personal Care

Elka Healthcare Services Australia takes immense pride in being an approved provider of services to veterans and their widows via the community nursing program.

About Our Company

NDIS Registered Provider in Brisbane

Elka Healthcare Services Australia is an NDIS provider in Brisbane offering a range of NDIS Assistances to participants across Queensland. The National Disability Insurance Scheme was established by the Australian government to offer persons with disabilities the chance to receive equal opportunities in life.

We are an NDIS registered provider with years of experience, tailoring our services to suit you and your needs. Whether you need our services for a few hours, or overnight, our team will work collaboratively with you to adapt specifically to your requirements.

Our goal is to keep you at the centre of your care, so all of our services are completely adaptable to meet your NDIS support needs. Our goal is to help our clients live as independently as possible while also prioritising their health and safety.

NDIS Provider Brisbane, Queensland


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we do what we say we will do, we are open and honest when communicating.


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, our practices are made to build capacity and empower choice and opportunity.


At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we respects the right of each participant to have control over their support planning.

NDIS Disability Services Brisbane

Extensive NDIS Support Services in Brisbane

Our NDIS services in Brisbane focus on facilitating the seamless integration of participants into daily life and aiding them in reaching their developmental milestones. Through our dedicated support and care, participants can aspire to lead independent lives, devoid of biases. As an NDIS provider in Brisbane, we prioritize fulfilling participants’ preferences, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive NDIS support service in Brisbane, addressing both short and long-term needs. This approach aims to empower participants to live with freedom and independence.

Extensive NDIS Support Services in Brisbane 1

Supporting the wellbeing of people living with disabilities

disability services in Brisbane

Mission Statement

Providing a reliable service that suit our client’s needs, and promotes independence helping our clients live a better lifestyle as their wellbeing is our main priority.

disability services in Brisbane

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a community where all individuals have the ability to experience a life where they have meaningful participation and contribution to society.

Elka Healthcare Services Australia

Quality NDIS Services in Australia

We recognise that the most important aspect of good support services is the disability support carers and frontline workers. We take pride in providing disability support services that are centred on your needs and in collaborating with your circle of support to help you achieve your goals.

NDIS Assist Life Stage Transition Brisbane
Assist Personal Activities

Elka Healthcare Services Australia

Benefits of Working With Registered NDIS Provider in Brisbane

At Elka Healthcare Services Australia, we strive to improve our clients’ lives by providing them with holistic care and services. We understand that each of our clients’ needs is unique.

As a result, our experts devise personalised plans to create a comfortable and safe environment in which they can achieve their personal and developmental objectives.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for NDIS participants and the elderly community by encouraging them to live their lives as they wish. By providing recipients with high-quality services, we hope to become one of the most sought-after NDIS providers.

Brisbane’s Preferred NDIS Provider

Getting The Most Out of Your NDIS Plan

Managing your NDIS funding effectively is a critical step in ensuring your objectives are met. Your NDIS plan is tailored to your specific needs and goals. So, when it comes to the NDIS, your individual needs and goals come first, not funding. Needs Consider what you require in all aspects of your life. If that seems like too big a step to take, break it down.

To stay focused, you can use what the NDIS refers to as Outcome Domains. Consider your requirements in each of the following areas, and consider how they apply on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Reliable Support From A Registered NDIS Service Provider

Elka Healthcare Services Australia is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service provider in Brisbane. Our team is proud to assist people in living healthy, fulfilling, and connected lives. Do you want to get more involved in your community through your hobbies? Or perhaps you want to live more independently?

Whatever your goals are, we are here to assist you in achieving them through NDIS in Brisbane. Whether you want to get healthier and fitter or gain a qualification, our experienced NDIS team can help you create the best support to help you achieve your goals.

Our Differences

NDIS Service Bookings

Elka Healthcare Services Australia is a registered NDIS Provider that offers services related to a variety of NDIS support categories. All NDIS participants with an approved NDIS plan are eligible for our NDIS services.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The NDIS?

The NDIS is a new approach to disability assistance. Investing in people living with disabilities takes a long time. The NDIS assists participants in developing skills and capabilities so that they can participate in the community and find meaningful employment. 

It is critical to understand how the NDIS works and whether you are eligible to participate. Watch this video to find out if you’re eligible and what to expect at each stage. 

The NDIS is available to people who have a permanent or significant disability that interferes with their daily lives. Intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive, and psychosocial disabilities are all eligible for assistance. Participants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to be the NDIS Participant:

  • Under 65 years of age when they first access the NDIS
  • An Australian Citizen, or
  • Hold a permanent resident, or
  • Hold a Protected Special Category Visa

How Does The NDIS Support Service Help Me?

NDIS funded plans supplement support that people may be eligible for from other government services such as the Disability Support Pension, Carers Allowance, or Health Care Card. NDIS plans will help you access and connect with other services that can help you achieve your goals and have a better life.

How is the NDIS funded?

The NDIS receives funding from a variety of sources. The Commonwealth contributes roughly half of the NDIS funding, with the remainder provided by state and territory governments. The NDIS is also financed through an increase in the Medicare levy. Because of this funding system, Australians in the broader community assist those with disabilities through the NDIS, ensuring that everyone in our national community has access to the disability services and support they require.

Who is the NDIA?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is the independent Commonwealth government agency responsible for implementing the NDIS.


  • Helps empower and inform people with disability to be confident consumers.
  • Provides information and referrals, links to services and activities, individualised plans and where necessary, funded supports to people over a lifetime.
  • Provides service providers with clarity and transparency so they can grow their business and respond to need.
  • Raises community awareness and encourages greater inclusion and access for participants to mainstream services, community activities and other government initiatives.

The NDIA is partnering with the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments and well known community organisations to deliver the NDIS in your local area.

What is the difference between NDIA and NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS, is run by the independent agency – the National Disability Insurance Agency, or NDIA.

The NDIS is one component of the National Disability Strategy which brings community, government and industry together to address the challenges faced by people with different abilities, and ensures they are supported by services such as health, education and transport and the wider community.

Do I need to move to the NDIS?

The NDIS is a transition from the current system of disability assist, in which the Queensland Government determines and funds disability supports, to a national scheme that will provide the supports you require throughout your life. This means that the Queensland Government will relinquish responsibility for providing support for the disabled, including funding, to the NDIA. When the NDIS is fully implemented in each region, all eligible people will be able to access their disability assistance only through the NDIS.

How should I prepare to apply for the NDIS? 

If you are already receiving supports from a State or Territory government disability programme, a National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) representative will contact you when it is time to transition to the NDIS. Evidence of disability may not be required for some people who are already receiving benefits from State and Territory disability programmes. This is due to the fact that some State and Territory programmes follow the same eligibility criteria as the NDIS. If you do not currently receive any supports and the NDIS is available in your area, you can contact the NDIS to request access.

Who Can Access the NDIS?

You may be eligible for NDIS services if you are under the age of 65 and have a permanent and significant disability. The NDIS assists people with disabilities in achieving their goals, participating in their communities, and working. To become an NDIS participant, you must meet each of the following requirements through an assessment conducted by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).


Disability requirement:

You have a permanent disability that significantly affects your ability to take part in everyday activities, such as dressing, showering, cleaning your house, or travelling around your community 

Age requirement: 

You are aged less than 65 years when you register for the NDIS 

Residency requirement: 

You are an Australian citizen, hold a permanent visa, or have a Protected Special Category visa.

Simplifying NDIS Plan Management with Elka Healthcare Services Australia

Effectively coordinating and organising NDIS supports, including disability services in Brisbane, can be complex, especially for those with diverse providers and high needs. Elka Healthcare Services Australia offers comprehensive NDIS plan management services, ensuring a seamless experience for individuals requiring disability care and disability support services.

Our dedicated team takes the stress out of budget management, payment to service providers, and tracking spending, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Trust Elka Healthcare Services Australia to empower you through expert NDIS plan management, providing tailored solutions for disability services Brisbane and beyond.

How the NDIS Empowers Individuals with Disabilities in Australia

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a vital government-funded initiative designed to provide comprehensive support for Australians with significant and permanent disabilities. Its primary goal is to enable individuals to lead more independent lives within their communities.

Eligible NDIS participants receive funding to access a diverse range of support services tailored to enhance their independence. These services may include assistance with daily activities, occupational therapy, housework support, home modifications, behaviour management, and facilitation of community engagement.

The NDIS is committed to consumer choice, granting participants the freedom to choose the specific support service they require and the providers they prefer. Collaboration with NDIS provider allows individuals to create personalised plans that align with their unique needs, preferences, and circumstances. Regular plan reviews ensure ongoing alignment with evolving goals and needs.

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